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Welcome to the MOSER Learning Center! You have come to the right place if you want to find out more about our products or are simply looking for inspiration for new and creative cutting techniques. This portal includes maintenance videos, step-by-step guides and a lot more valuable information on the MOSER product range – from hair clippers to hairdryers.

You already own MOSER hair clippers and are interested in specific tips and tricks? Then you can select your appliance in the following drop-down field and we will display all product-related topics. From maintenance tips for your MOSER appliance to inspiring styles that were developed specifically for your hair clipper. Have fun browsing and good luck! Your MOSER team

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You already own a MOSER product and want to find out all about it? Then select your MOSER product from the drop-down menu and display the related articles.

Tips & Tricks for Care

If a hairdresser wants to enjoy his/her (usually expensively acquired) hair clipper for a long time, the correct care of the blade set is of utmost importance. Why? If the blade set is regularly cleaned and well looked after, the operating life and high-quality cutting performance are both significantly prolonged – and that will save you money!
Blade Care and Change -  MOSER Typ 1400 / 1230
Blade Change MOSER 1400, 1230 Primat

Blade Care and Change - MOSER Typ 1233
Blade Care and Change MOSER Primat Adjustable 1233
Blade Care and Change MOSER Typ 1411
Blade Care and Change MOSER 1400 Mini, Primat Mini 1411
Blade Care MOSER Typ 1411
Blade Care MOSER 1411
Blade Care MOSER Typ 1245, 1250
Blade Care MOSER Class 45 (1245), Class 50 (1250)
Blade Care MOSER Typ 1854, 1874, 1877, 1876, 1870, 1871, 1872, 1884, 1888, 1885, 1886
Blade Care MOSER ChromStyle Pro 1871, Chrom2Style 1877, Genio Pro 1874,  Neo 1886, Li+Pro 1884, GenioPlus 1854
Blade Care MOSER Typ 1590, 1591, 1592, 1584, 1585, 1588, 1586
Blade Care MOSER ChroMini 1591, Li+Pro Mini 1584, NeoLiner 1586
Blade Care MOSER 1400
Blade Care MOSER 1400, 1230 Primat
Blade Care MOSER Typ 1565, 1881
Blade Care MOSER Genio 1565, EasyStyle 1881


You are looking for a new creative challenge? Then take a look at some of our step-by-step guides! MOSER is continuously creating new looks for hair clippers. These styles are guided by the latest trends and are compiled in cooperation with the world's best hairdressers and barbers.
And if we inspire you, then you can take your expertise to a whole new level by attending one of our seminars. You can find the dates here: Seminar calendar
Sidepart - by MOSER
Sidepart - by MOSER
Lemon Mullet - by MOSER
Lemon Mullet - by MOSER
Skinfaded Executive Contour Sidepart - by MOSER
Skinfaded Executive Contour Sidepart - by MOSER
Low Faded Sidepart - by MOSER
Low Faded Sidepart - by MOSER
Classic Gentleman - by MOSER
Classic Gentleman - by MOSER
Modern Undercut - by MOSER
Modern Undercut - by MOSER
Mullet Style - by MOSER
Mullet Style - by MOSER
Long Pompadour - by MOSER
Long Pompadour - by MOSER
Shiny Pompadour  - by MOSER
Shiny Pompadour - by MOSER
Curly Crop  - by MOSER
Curly Crop - by MOSER
Short Modern Crop - Step by Step
Short Modern Crop - by MOSER
Faded Pixie - Step by Step
Faded Pixie - by MOSER
 Modern Man Look  - by MOSER
Modern Man Look - by MOSER
Business Cut - Step by Step
Business Cut - by MOSER
Blue Crop - Step by Step
Blue Crop - by MOSER
Long Bowl Cut - Step by Step
Long Bowl Cut - by MOSER
Longhair Man Look  - by MOSER
Longhair Man Look - by MOSER
Textured Undercut - by MOSER
Textured Undercut - by MOSER
Disconnected Crop Step by Step
Disconnected Crop - by MOSER.
Undercut Men 2018 by MOSER & Anthony Galifoth
The Undercut Men 2018 - by MOSER.
Men HairCut by MOSER
Men HairCut - by MOSER
Fringe Bob Step by Step
Fringe Bob - by MOSER.
Textured Bob Step by Step
Textured Bob - by MOSER.
Boxer Crop by MOSER Step by Step
The Boxer Crop - by MOSER.
Modern Dandy by MOSER
The Modern Dandy - by MOSER.
Edgy Pixie by MOSER
The Edgy Pixie - by MOSER.
Messy Bob by MOSER
The Messy Bob - by MOSER.
Sleek & Wavy Longhair by MOSER
The Sleek & Wavy Longhair - by MOSER.
Attitude & Elegance by MOSER & Anthony Galifot
The Attitude & Elegance - by MOSER.
Longhair Volume Cut by MOSER Step by Step
The Longhair Volume Cut - by MOSER.
New Bob Style by MOSER Step by Step
The New Bob Style - by MOSER.
Millennial by MOSER Step by Step
The Millennial - by MOSER.
Modern Gentlemen Style - by MOSER
Modern Gentlemen Style - by MOSER
Geometric Couture by MOSER Step by Step
Geometric Couture - by MOSER.
Pixie Cut by MOSER Step by Step
The Pixie Cut - by MOSER.
Haircut Men - by MOSER
Haircut Men - by MOSER


Welcome to MOSER News! Our blog will provide you with the latest updates on our products as well as interesting hairdressing industry news. In addition, MOSER employees will write about the industry and MOSER product portfolio developments, as well as news.

We look back on the past but also ahead to the future. So if you are looking for first-hand information, then you have come to the right place. Are you a talented writer or know of a subject that may be interesting for hairdressers? Then please get in touch with us and write a guest article: Contact
MOSER 1400: A classic turns 60!

MOSER 1400: A classic turns 60!

KUNO wins the iF Design Award 2022

KUNO wins the iF Design Award 2022

Top Hair trade fair

Top Hair trade fair

Magnetic premium attachment combs

Magnetic premium
attachment combs

AIrstyler Pro kb.jpg


When the best isn’t good enough!
Is your 1400 a fake?

Is your 1400 a fake?

How to spot Moser 1400 fakes!


Here you will find all downloads for your MOSER product. Data sheets, operating instructions and much more. Simply select your product and download the required files.
PRO FINISH (Art.-no:: 3616-0050)
3616 0050 factsheet3616 0050 factsheet
1400™ Cordless (Art.-no:: 1430-0050)
1430 0050 thumbnail
Kuno (Art.-no:: 1887-0050)
Kuno produktbild neu.jpg1887 0050 produktbild.jpg
Genio Pro (Art.-no:: 1874-0056)
1874 0056f product1874 0056f product
PRIMAT FADING EDITION (Art.-no:: 1230-0002)
1230 0002 product1230 0002 Primat Fading Factsheet
1400 FADING EDITION (Art.-no:: 1400-0002)
1406 0002f product picture
Chrom2Style Blending Edition (Art.-no:: 1877-0052)
1877 0052 Chrom2Style Blending Edition produktbild neu1877 0052 produktbild.jpg
Genio Pro Fading Edition (Art.-no:: 1874-0053)
1874 0053 produktbild neu.jpg1874 0053f web product.jpg
Li+ Pro2 (Art.-no:: 1888-0051)
1888 0051f produktbild neu.jpg1888 0051 web product.jpg
Chrom2Style (Art.-no:: 1877-0050)
1877 0050 produktbild neu.jpg1877 0050 web product.jpg

Chromini Pro 2 (Art.-no:: 1591-0064)
1591 0064produktbild neu1591 0064chrominipro2 web product.jpg
Li+Pro 2 Mini (Art.-no:: 1588-0051)
1588 0051 produktbild neu1588 0051 web product.jpg
T-CUT (Art.-no:: 1591-0070)
1591 0070produktbild neu1591 0070 web product.jpg
NEOLINER (Art.-no:: 1586-0051)
NeoLiner produktbild
PrimatMini (Art.-no:: 1411-0052)
1411 0052f produktbild neu1411 0052 web product.jpg

AIRSTYLER PRO (Art.-no:: 4550-0050)
4550 0050 productpicture4550 0050 productpicture
TitanCurl Ø 32 (Art.-no:: 4445-0050)
4445 0050 produktbild neu24445 0050 web product.jpg
TitanCurl Ø 25 (Art.-no:: 4444-0050)
4444 0050 produktbild neu24444 0050 web product.jpg
TitanCurl Ø 19 (Art.-no:: 4443-0050)
4443 0050  produktbild neu24443 0050 web product.jpg
CurlPro 2 Conical (Art.-no:: 4437-0050)
4437 0050 produktbild neu3.jpg4437 0050 web product.jpg
CeraLine (Art.-no:: 4466-0051)
4466 0051 produktbild neu.jpg4466 0051 webproduct.jpg
CeraStyle Pro (Art.-no:: 4417-0050)
4417 0050 produktbild neu4417 0050 web 2019 side.jpg
CeraStyle Pro white (Art.-no:: 4417-0051)
4417 0051 produktbild neu4417 0051 web product.jpg
Care instructions
MOSER MaxStyle (Art.-no:: 4415-0053)
4415 0053 produktbild neu.jpg4415 0053 web product.jpg
Care instructions
CeraStyle Mini (Art.-no:: 4480-0050)
4480 0050 produktbild neu4480 0050 web product.jpg