Magnetic premium
attachment combs

Ready to go with just one click!

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With its new magnetic premium attachment combs, MOSER is presenting a top-drawer salon gadget which impresses with its incredibly simple handling. Thanks to an ingenious magnet system, the innovative attachment combs can be effortlessly and intuitively fitted to all removable MOSER blade sets. A brief click of the MAGCLICK® system confirms that the attachment comb has securely locked onto the blade set, and you’re ready to go! The comfort level is not just evidenced by how quickly the attachments can be changed, but also by how well the product works; it glides supremely softly through the hair, and its rounded comb tips guarantee a comfortable feeling on the skin. Initial comments from hairdresser test runs ranged from “Oh wow!” and “I love it” to “Amazing, it’s so easy!”

The combs impress with their extremely high quality and stability. Their sophisticated technology ensures that they fit perfectly onto the appliances and provide a safe, secure hold while cutting the hair. A special, dimensionally stable mineral plastic guarantees a long-lasting precision fit as well as resistance to any chemicals used within salons, and therefore also ensures the long-term stability of the attachment combs.
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Organised handling in the salon

The attachment combs are available in the sizes 1.5 mm, 3 mm, 4.5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm. The sizes are laser-engraved onto the combs for clear visibility and to make handling even more straightforward for the hairdresser. In addition, the MOSER development team has also come up with something rather special: The attachments are optionally available in a storage case, which makes organised work in the salon significantly easier. The case allows the attachment combs to be properly stored at all times, and brings more order to the workplace. At the same time, it provides a better overview of the different comb sizes and quicker access to the attachment combs. The case is also available on its own.