Moser blades

The blade makes the difference

Perfect Cutting Power

Since the start of production in 1962, MOSER blade sets were ground manually – a process that requires a lot of experience and precise visual judgement. Computer-controlled machines have taken over that function nowadays. The result is even more perfect: Thanks to innovative production technologies, the elaborately ground, stainless steel full metal blade sets made from German high-performance steel receive their unsurpassed cutting performance. They undergo many different production processes and a 100% final inspection.
Blade sets are the heart of every MOSER hair clipper. Made in Germany.

What is so special about MOSER blade sets?

All high-quality MOSER cordless/mains-operated hair clippers are equipped with the Magic Blade professional stainless steel full-metal blade set. These precision-ground quick-release blade sets are "Made in Germany" and equipped with the following functions.
easy clean  1 .png
Easy Cleaning
A sophisticated function which enables simple cleaning.
Quick Change
The blade set is not screwed rigidly into place. Easy blade set removal facilitates rapid changing and cleaning.
moser schneidsaetze variable 1.png
Patented cutting length adjustment 0.7-3 mm integrated in the blade set.
cool touch.png
Cool Touch
Cooling grooves dissipate heat and ensure a soothingly cool feel on the skin.
sharo and soft.png
Razor-sharp cutting edges ensure the achieve ment of an exact cut and, thanks to additional polishing, are super soft on the skin
easy slide.png
Easy Slide
The blade set glides particularly smoothly through hair, thanks to an optimum geometry and special magic surface.
long life.png
Long Life
The precision cross hatch finish ensures minimum wear and a long service life.
Please remember to clean and lubricate your blade set regularly. This will ensure that you enjoy a longer blade set service life. Tips are available at care tips