Top Hair trade fair

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Visitors to this year’s Top Hair trade fair can stop by the WAHL and MOSER discussion and sales stand in Hall 17 to learn about the very latest hair clipper technologies and salon gadgets, as well as get inspired by top-class shows and workshops. MOSER will summon their special guest artist, Great Britain’s Josh Lamonaca, to Top Hair’s large main stage. The audience awaits a revolutionary fusion of precision barbering and contemporary hairdressing techniques. With fearless creativity, the internationally renowned hairstylist and barbering expert breaks with all styling conventions: His haircuts continuously break new ground and impress with their extraordinary proportions. He also surprises with his use of details, which are surprisingly suited for everyday life in spite of their progressiveness. Josh Lamonaca is very much at home on the big stage and has already appeared in 25 different countries. And everywhere he goes, he captivates audiences with his revolutionary MENSPIRE philosophy and breathtaking signature cuts. When it comes to his tools, Josh values top precision as well as excellent performance, and will therefore present the MOSER Kuno clipper and ChrominiPro2 precision trimmer as his new favourites.
Top Hair trade fair – Large show stage:
MOSER. FUSION feat. Josh Lamonaca
Saturday 7/5/22 / 17.00-17.45
Sunday 8/5/22 / 12.00-12.45
WORKSHOPS / stage 2
MOSER. ROOTS. Tradition meets Inspiration feat. Artistic Team / Lead Educators Chris Mattick, Attila Can, Enes Dogan
This year, the MOSER Live Education Sessions will be one of the highlights shown on Top Hair’s workshop stages. In a live performance, the MOSER Artistic Team featuring Lead Educator Chris Mattick, Attila Can and Enes Dogan will demonstrate the trendiest haircuts from MOSER’s sensational Roots collection. The ROOTS collection combines modern hairstyles with contemporary art and traditional elements inspired by the Black Forest in a way that has never been seen before. The innovative, progressive looks, combined with CEM Van Kay’s designer fashion, will provide those in the audience with an endless stream of inspiration. The team will present trendy haircuts that are created using the latest MOSER hair clippers in combination with exciting cutting and texturising techniques. The so-called clipper cuts are not merely dominating the backstage areas of international fashion shows but also local salons because the current generation of appliances allows hairdressers to let their creativity run wild with a brand-new form of modern expression.
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Top Hair trade fair – Workshop stages:
Saturday 7/5/22 / 18.20-18.50

WORKSHOP / stage 2
WAHL PROFESSIONAL. True Barber Vibes feat. Artistic Team with Felix Hohleich, Gio the Newkid, Vaios Robos
Saturday 7/5/22 / 15.40-16.10
Sunday 8/5/22 / 13.20-13.50
With a product portfolio featuring professional hair clippers with cool designs, WAHL is THE cult brand of the international barbering scene. The popular appliances can be found in practically any barbershop in the world today. The workshop stages at the Top Hair trade fair allow audience members to fully immerse themselves into WAHL’s world of professional barbering styles and masculine haircuts. They will be treated to extensive barbering craft know-how as well as useful pointers on expert techniques, such as fade cuts. With the popular appliances in hand, the WAHL Artistic Team featuring Felix Hohleich, Gio the Newkid and Vaios Robos will showcase the many different facets of barbering: From classic barbering, excellent fade cuts and urban barbering all the way to the hottest trends on the international barbering scene. One thing is guaranteed: WAHL is at its best! Get inspired!