MOSER 1400: A classic turns 60!

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The success story of the MOSER 1400

There are classic products that change very little over the decades and whose popularity never diminishes. This happens very rarely since it takes a combination of many factors, such as longevity, the right technology and a timeless design. However, functionality and performance are what really give a product a special place in the customer’s heart over the long term. Examples of such classics are the Porsche 911, the Rolex Submariner and the Ray Ban Wayfarer. One such phenomenon also exists in the hairdressing industry: The MOSER 1400!
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It was launched 60 years ago. There are very few hair clippers that have achieved this level of international popularity. Its unique success story owes much to the incredible innovative spirit of MOSER. To date, it has been sold 50 million times in a total of 68 different countries. When the appliance was launched in 1962, its technology was well ahead of the time. For example, the MOSER 1400 featured an integrated cutting length adjustment that can be easily operated using a lateral adjustment lever. At that time, it was utterly astounding. And this technology has stood the test of time right up to the present day. In addition to the efficient and precise cutting performance and powerful motor, the appliance’s robustness and top-quality “Made in Germany” workmanship are the cherry on top of its ongoing success story. Equipped with a precision-ground stainless steel STAR BLADE blade set, the MOSER 1400 provides precise cutting results and wows with its outstanding performance. This makes the professional mains-operated hair clipper a popular choice for both male and female hairstyling. Like every other classic, this one also has spawned an extended product family. This includes the MOSER 1400 Mini precision contour trimmer and the recently released MOSER 1400 FADING EDITION, which takes special fade cutting techniques to a whole new level. And now, MOSER is relaunching the classic 1400 as a brand new cordless version. 

MOSER 1400 - An appliance that writes its own personal success stories

Hairdressers and barbers all around the world are writing their own individual success stories with the MOSER 1400. “It is extremely exciting and inspiring to hear that this appliance has even influenced the overall life path of many hairdressers and barbers”, enthuses Heike Engel-Protzek, WAHL GmbH Marketing Manager Education EMEA. “For example, we know that Ziad Dawabeh did his barbering apprenticeship in Syria and that he learned his craft using the MOSER 1400”, Engel-Protzek adds. As the political situation in Syria became more unstable, he decided to leave the country. With his MOSER 1400 in his luggage, he devised a plan to build a new life for himself in a different country. He considered the appliance to be the most important item in the little luggage he had, as it was to be the key to his livelihood. Eventually, his dream became reality when he started working at Elegance Barbershop in St. Georgen not far from the MOSER company headquarters, successfully rebuilding his life and continuing to develop both professionally and personally in the process. However, his love for his work and the MOSER 1400 has never faded.