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Insta Bob Collection - Fringe Bob Trendlook 2019

About fringe bob look:
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The new MOSER collection contains two bob variations: the ‘textured bob’ and the ‘fringe bob’. Created for Moser by Enes Dogan, both hairstyles are characterised by sublimely gentle structuring and give hair a wonderfully natural, yet urban look when combined with undone styling or mild volume finishing. The special feature: both haircuts are styled exclusively using hair clippers. Perfect length texture and structure is achieved with the All-in-One Blade, which can be used on a variety of settings including point cut, slice and texture modes.


• Hair: Enes Dogan
• Foto: Miriam Nickel
• Model: @alina_caat_arts


• MOSER Chrom2Style
• MOSER All-In-One Blade
• MOSER Ventus

fringe bob step1
1. Define a guide line along the back of the neck using the Chrom2Style with classic blade.
fringe bob step2
2. Attach the All-in-One Blade to the Chrom2Style and in point cut mode texture the hair vertically downwards to ensure a natural fall.
fringe bob step3
3. Gently define the ends with the All-in-One Blade in slice mode.
fringe bob step4
4. Shorten the hair in the front section to medium length (roughly level with the tip of the nose) using the Chrom2Style and All-in-One Blade. Important: leave the lateral transitions longer.
fringe bob step5
5. In an intermediate step, using the Moser Ventus and a large brush, blow dry the fringe hair so that it is straight and slightly fuller in order to determine how the hair will fall later.
fringe bob step6
6. Define the length of the fringe using the Moser T-Cut.
fringe bob step7
7. Gently slice out the ends of the fringe with the T-Cut.
fringe bob step8
8. o finish, texture all the ends in the lengths with the Moser Chrom2Style and All-in-One Blade.
fringe bob step9
9. Repeat this procedure on the fringe, top hair and sides.
Textured Bob Galerie
Fringe Bob by MOSER
Fringe Bob by MOSER
Fringe Bob by MOSER
Fringe Bob by MOSER
Fringe Bob by MOSER
Fringe Bob by MOSER
Fringe Bob by MOSER
Fringe Bob by MOSER
Fringe Bob by MOSER
Fringe Bob by MOSER