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Edgy Pixie Step-by-Step

About the Edgy Pixie
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Attitude, authority and strength – the pixie cut exudes self-confidence and is probably the most creative way to wear short hair. Why? Because this style can be changed particularly easily: Rock-and-roll inspired and wild today, classically elegant tomorrow and featuring an urban style with gently structured effects of the tips the day after. There are no limits to the cut's creativity and its wearer can style the pixie in accordance with her personal preference. But a professional cut is vital because it is the only way for the look to truly shine.

• Hair: Enes Dogan, Chris Mattick & Vaios Robos
• HuM: Seda Yüksel
• Stylist: Cemre VanKay
•Photo: Moritz Schmieg / Marc Bremer

ChroMini Pro
Moser Ceraline
1. Evenly shorten the neck area using the Chrom2Style.
2. Using the attachment comb from 12 mm to 6 mm, gradually create a transition (tapering) to the longer top hair. Using the over comb technique, gently blend the areas of the top of the head with the sides and texturise the tips.
3. In horizontal sections, following the shape of the head, define the length of the hair on the top of the head using the over comb technique. Also, texturise the top hair using the point cut technique and incorporate slight layering.
4. Attach the All-in-One Blade to the Chrome2Style and create a textured fringe. Connect these areas toward the sides and also slice the tips of the fringe.
5. Using the ChroMini Pro, precisely work the contours and remove the remaining neck hair.
7. Using the CeraLina (180 degrees - depending on quality and fullness of hair) smooth the top hair in the direction of growth. Then style the hair using suitable styling products.
Edgy Pixie
Edgy Pixie by MOSER
Edgy Pixie by MOSER
Edgy Pixie by MOSER
Edgy Pixie by MOSER