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Blue Crop by MOSER

About the Blue Crop:

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Crops are, without a doubt, one of the most fashionable men's hairstyles of 2021. It is primarily men who prefer more creativity in their hairstyles who are now confidently donning this striking look. However, they don’t tend to go for the classic 90s variant of the style, but rather modern interpretations that have a softer appearance and take the look to a whole new level through accents, colourful highlights and details. Accordingly, MOSER has collaborated with the experienced men’s stylist Marina Ulrich to present the new Blue Crop. The light blue top hair is not the look’s only striking feature; the overall cut also boasts a clear finish, including precise contours and perfect transitions. The neck and side areas are worked into a fade style, while the top hair is kept slightly longer but is simultaneously provided with plentiful structure and texture. MOSER has developed a step-by-step tutorial for this hairstyle to allow hairdressers to easily create it in their salons. The entire cut was created with the MOSER CHROM2STYLE BLENDING EDITION. In order to create precise contours around the ear and neck areas, Marina Ulrich used the MOSER T-CUT, which is equipped with a special T-Blade to provide first-class results during intricate precision work. To finish, she uses the MOSER MOBILE SHAVER to remove any fine remaining hairs around the ear and neck areas.

• Hair: Marina Ulrich
• Photos: MOSER Professional I Fotografie Frei



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1. Using the MOSER BLENDING EDITION, define a horseshoe-shaped guiding line around the top of the head.
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2. Work the neck and side areas using the 1.5 mm attachment.
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3. Use the open blade set to blend the resulting edge between the side and neck area and the guiding line.
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4. Using the MOSER T-CUT, define the contours at the neck, sides and the front of the head.
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5. Add finishing touches to any remaining hairs in the neck area using the MOSER MOBILE SHAVER.
Blue Crop Step6.jpg
6. Briefly dampen the top hair once more.
Blue Crop Step7.jpg
7. Using the MOSER T-CUT, define a straight, short fringe.
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8. Using the MOSER BLENDING EDITION and the point cut technique, texture the top hair and layer it evenly.

Blue Crop