MOSER Undercut Men

Trend style: Undercut Men 2018
Appearing in every variation and featuring clever colour effects, just two years ago undercuts were well and truly in; however, that era effectively faded. Wahl is now showcasing a brand new interpretation of this style. In cooperation with top, internationally renowned stylist Anthony Galifot, the company reveals how this primarily boils down to two things: precision and a sense of style. Distinct contours, detailed and perfectly crafted Facon transitions and a natural soft texture on top make all the difference. Styling can be selected flexibly and according to mood: today a sharp and sleek gentlemanly look, tomorrow a bold biker style with movement and volume on top. Above all, when creating his masculine trend haircuts, Anthony Galifot uses the right tools. The tools of choice for the new Undercut Men 2018 style were the classic Moser ChromStyle Pro clipper, Moser T-CUT for specialist detail and contours and the professional Moser Mobile Shaver.
Hair: Anthony Galifot
Instagram: @anthonygalifot

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MUA: Laurent Tonder
Instagram: @laurenttonder
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Fotografie: Stephan Deneuvalaere
Instagram: @dundeephotos
Web: Dundee-photos