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Undercut Men 2018 by MOSER - Step-by-Step

About the Undercut Men 2018
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The masculine blogger scene leads the way: This year, trend-conscious men have been focusing on a mix of business elegance and casual chic. In this spirit, Wahl has worked with top stylist Anthony Galifot, of international renown, to develop a Trend Collection characterised by cool elegance and an urban lifestyle. It enacts a masterful interplay of masculine elements and shows that good haircuts for men are all about sense of style and perfect handwork. The right tool plays a crucial role in this. “As a hair stylist, I am a visual person. This is why design, quality, and performance are my most important tools,” says Galifot. Just like the new ChromStyle Diamond Edition from Moser, which he used to create the Modern Gentleman Collection.

• Hair: Anthony Galifot
• Photo: Stephan Deneuvelaere

ChromStyle Pro
Mobile Shaver
1. Section the hair on top of the head. Shorten the sides, back and nape equally using the ChromStyle Pro with 8 mm attachment.
2. Using the 4 mm attachment, shorten the lower hairline sections upwards around the temples, ears and neck.
3. Set the ChromStyle Pro‘s integrated cutting length adjustment to 3 mm and create a precise Facon at the sides and neck.
4. Define the hair contour lines with the T-CUT.
5. Continue with definition around the beard.
6. Effectively tidy up the main facial areas with the Moser Mobile Shaver.
7. Uniformly shorten the entire beard using the Moser ChromStyle Pro adjusted to the 2 mm cutting length.
8. Final detailing around the beard contour lines.
Undercut Men 2018
Undercut Men
Undercut Men