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Pixie Cut by MOSER - Step-by-Step

About the Pixie Cut
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A classic, yet a true fashion statement at the same time, because it lends the wearer the ultimate attitude: The pixie cut! On the one hand, it’s the most variable of short haircuts; on the other, it needs to be touched up regularly at frequent intervals in order to stay looking elegant and maintained. In spite of its severe lines, this cut can look very feminine, even elfin. Celebrities such as Michelle Williams and Katy Perry discovered this look for themselves long ago, and it has set them apart on the red carpet.

• Hair: Chris Mattick
• Photo: Philipp Röger

Genio Pro
ChroMini Pro
1. Create basic sections with three zig-zag sections on the top of the head.
2. Clipper over finger - Following the head’s shape on the back of the head, define the length above the crown area in pivoting sections.
3. Clipper over finger - In the second zig-zag section, join the crown area and the top of the head with layers that gradually increase.
4. Attach the All-in-One Blade to the Genio Pro and work a textured fringe into the third zig-zag section.
5. Clipper over comb - shorten length. Becoming shorter from the top of the head towards the contour (tapering).
6. Use a 12- or 6-mm comb attachment on dried hair to create a gradual transition to the contour (tapering).
7. Put the finishing touches on the contour with the ChroMini Pro.
8. Use the All-in-One Blade on dried hair to texturise by going against the direction of growth on the top of the head.
With the CERA LINE straightener (190 degrees - depending on quality and abundance of hair), smooth the surface of the hair in the direction of growth. Use suitable styling product to shape hair.
Pixie Cut
Pixie Cut by MOSER
Pixie Cut by MOSER