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New Bob Style by MOSER - Step-by-Step

About the New Bob Style
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With the New Bob Style Collection from Moser, Wahl presents a modern interpretation of an absolute classic: the bob. An enduring presence, new variations of the bob are appearing on the world‘s trend catwalks on a daily basis. What gives the look that certain something is the precision of the cut. The new bob style takes the cut to a whole new technical level, where state of the art meets superlative hairstyling. Soft textures come to the fore in a new combination with distinctive point cuts and gentle hair movement that produce a hairstyle with a touch of Haute Couture. Wahl created the stunning collection in collaboration with Label.M and its art director Daniele Pulia.

• Hair: Daniele Pulia
• HuM: Maria Poursanidou
• Photo: Michael Colella

ChromStyle Pro
ChroMini Pro
1. Star sectioning at the top of the head
2. Using the ChromStyle Pro, shorten the hair at the back of the neck concavely to the desired length.
3. Continue at the sides and towards the forehead, working with convex guiding lines.
4. Using the All-in-One Blade on the ChromStyle Pro, work in a gentle texture over the entire length.
5. Shorten the hair on the top of the head at an angle of 100° inclined towards the forehead, so the top hair lies shorter and creates volume.
6. Then use the Moser T-CUT  to acutely shorten the hair to about 5mm at the front area of the head around 1.5 to 2 cm from the forehead line.
7. Using the ChroMini Pro, go neatly over the shortened area again and create distinct contour lines.
8. Use the ChromStyle-over-comb to defi ne a longer fringe and repeat this with the upper bangs. The undercut at the front and longer sections lying over the top give the fringe a textured point-cut-look.
9. Blow-dry with Moser Ventus.
10. Work in finishing product with fingers.
New Bob Style
New Bob Style by MOSER
New Bob Style by MOSER