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Modern Dandy by MOSER - Step-by-Step

About the Modern Dandy

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Dandy fashion is a classic men's style that was omnipresent in all eras – sometimes more and sometimes less conspicuously. In its new urban version, it is making another resurgence and is particularly popular with fashion-conscious men with style who value an elegant appearance. It always comes with a hint of avant-garde and striking design. Accessories such as elegant bracelets, extravagant necklaces or unusual sunglasses complement this look. It's about highlighting contrasts and clashes of styles. Old and new meet and develop an urban look. Just like the hairstyle, which is supposed to perfectly highlight the charismatic and creative style of the Modern Dandy.

• Hair: Enes Dogan, Chris Mattick & Vaios Robos
• HuM: Seda Yüksel
• Stylist: Cemre VanKay
• Photo: Moritz Schmieg / Marc Bremer

ChroMini Pro
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1. Horseshoe-shaped section at the top of the head.
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2. In vertical sections from front to back, shorten the side and neck areas using the Chrom2Style and the point cut technique.
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3. Connect the entire top of the head by pulling the lengths toward the sides using the point cut technique.
IMG 2009 4.jpg
4. From the back of the head, part horizontal sections and continue them toward the front with increasing length. Use the point-cut technique and the Chrom2Style at the top of the head to incorporate gradually increasing layers.
IMG 2086 5.jpg
5. Work the contours using the ChroMini Pro.
IMG 2068 6.jpg
6. Attach the TEXTURIZING Blade to the Chrom2Style and set it to texture mode. Then gently work the top hair.
IMG 2061 7.jpg
7. Also slightly texturise the upper side areas to allow the hair to fall more easily.

Modern Dandy