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Millennial by MOSER - Step-by-Step

About the Millennials
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Millennials – Their modern lifestyle is omnipresent thanks to the Internet. They know exactly what they want and they’re the first to grow up in the era of Internet and mobile communication. At the same time they’ve created a real network culture. Thus, their euphoria for the digitisation of any subject has pervaded everywhere. Today, they’re rapidly changing the rules of the game in all areas – whether at a professional or private level. Their enthusiasm for healthy nutrition, fitness, global thinking, decent education and sheer inexhaustible creativity is reflected in a constant stream of new start-ups, apps and in all circumstances. They’re masters of improvisation and it doesn't all have to be for prestige or pomp and ceremony. That's exactly what their style also shows. Perfect haircuts with precise details, but uncomplicated and versatile in styling. In cooperation with Label.M and top stylist Eric Haug, Wahl has created an interpretation of the subject and developed the trend look 2017 "Millennials Men Hairstyle by Moser". It is characterised by precise contours, perfectly textured longer hair on the top of the head and cool details.

• Hair: Eric Haug
• HuM: Maria Poursanidou
• Photo: Michael Colella

ChromStyle Pro
1. First, section off the hair on the top of the head down to the temples.
2. Trim the side areas with the Moser ChromStyle Pro Pro over the fingers or comb to the same length of around 1 to 1.5 cm.
3. Evenly cut the hair at the back of the head and in the direction of the neck.
4. Cut the sections shorter and shorter towards the neck.
5. Slide the attachment (size 5 mm) onto the Moser ChromStyle Pro and cleanly clip the neck from bottom to top. Blend the join to the back of the head and create a soft, natural transition.
6. Preparation for the cut on the top of the head. Section the top hair as shown in the illustration.
7. Allow the cutting line of the top hair to become shorter from the front of the head towards the back of the head. Using the Moser ChromStyle Pro, start at the top of the head with a cutting length of approx. 5 to 6 cm, getting shorter towards the back of the head. Then evenly trim the hair length at the front of the head to approx. 8 to 9 cm.
8. Finish the contours at the sides, behind the ears and on the neck very precisely using the Moser T-Cut.