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Geometric Couture by MOSER - Step-by-Step

About the Geometric Couture

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Modern. Straightforward. Futuristic. Following the era of beach waves and nature looks, Wahl is now offering a distinct countertrend with the Moser Geometric Couture Collection. This style is characterised by geometric shapes and ultra-precise details. Who says that geometric has to mean boring? A gentle interplay of colour provides skilful changes in style and ensures that the styling does not lack feminine elegance. The perfection of the cut forms the basis for a straight finish which gives an attractive look. In cooperation with Label.M and its artistic director Marc Lonardoni, Wahl has created its own interpretation of the theme and subsequently developed a collection that perfectly showcases the new geometric trend. It includes a clearly graduated cutting line at the top of the head that provides striking accents. For styling and creativity, the sky is the limit – whether you want geometrical-minimalistic styles or elegant femininity.

• Hair: Marc Lonardoni
• HuM: Maria Poursanidou
• Photo: Michael Colella

ChromStyle Pro
ChroMini Pro
Cerastyle Pro
1. Horseshoe-shaped section at the top of the head
2. Shorten the neck area evenly with the ChromStyle Pro and the attachment 6 mm.
3. Using the 6 mm attachment, evenly cut the hair at the back of the head and at the sides up to the section at the top of the head. Then, using the 3 mm attachment, create a fl owing transition from bottom to top.
4.Cleanly work the contours with the ChroMini Pro.
5.Parallel to the fi rst horseshoe section, use the ChromStyle Pro to create an overlapping of the cutting line. Now, cut the entire top hair along the guiding line with a minimal level of overlap.
6. Then, straighten all the hair on the top of the head using a hair straightener (Moser CeraStyle PRO).
7. Use the ChroMini Pro to provide a detailed fi nish to the guiding line in order to ensure an exact, compact cutting line.
8. Shape the precise, geometric effect in the fringe area in particular; this can be enhanced with a glossy eff ect upon fi nishing. This look can also be styled downward, or individually varied.

Geometric Couture