Decades Show

A review of the show of the year.

An homage to haircutting and a glimpse into the future.
The Decades Show is now in the books. It took a lot of hard work and we are very proud of the result, which could be viewed at the big show stage of TOPHAIR in Düsseldorf on both days of the trade show.
As a multi-brand company, we combined our two product worlds into one show. What initially seemed like a major balancing act between two brand worlds developed into an ingenious performance that could not have done a better job of showcasing the traditional and future-oriented facets of Wahl and MOSER.

100 years of Wahl – what a statement! 100 years of experience, 100 years of tradition, 100 years of undisputed expertise. Naturally, this all had to be properly celebrated on a major stage. In essence, the audience members were taken on a journey through time, beginning with the Golden 20s and the legendary Gatsby style, followed by the military flat top of the 1940s, the pompadour of the 1950s and the disco fever of the 70s – all the way to today and the current “Moser goes Urban Collection”.

On the stage, Wahl personalities Joth Davies (UK), Gio the Newkid (Netherlands), Daniel Gallego (Spain) and Fresh Prince the Barber (Düsseldorf) impressively showcased the historic part of the Decades Styles. We did not spare any expenses. Every detail had to be just right: The clothing and the accessories – and even the actors on the stage – looked as though they came straight from the respective decade. Who would have thought that barbers would be so entertaining on stage? And when Fresh Prince the Barber appeared on the stage with his afro-style model like a disco-era dancer, there was no stopping the audience. In addition, each “decade” was accompanied by dancers that showed typical dancing styles of the respective eras. The show rocked from beginning to end – 45 minutes of pure entertainment and not a single minute of boredom!!!

The message was simple: Hair, beauty and fashion trends have always been cyclical. Nowadays in the hairdressing industry, we are witnessing the revival of classic haircuts that keep getting reinterpreted and are once again in high demand.
decades winnie afro danny.jpg
Fresh Prince the Barber on the stage
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Then, Düsseldorf-based top barber Fresh Prince the Barber presented an impressive afro style from the 1970s. When the model and the artist stepped onto the stage, there was a party atmosphere on the catwalk.
The performance of Fresh Prince the Barber turned out to be the superb finale of the historic part of the Wahl show. When all models then walked the catwalk to end the show, the audience was able to once again take a look at the models of all eras.

Some spectators were almost ready to leave after the show. The lights went out and the thunderous applause slowly faded. All of a sudden, dancers appeared on stage. An epic atmosphere spread across the hall – like a hug for all audience members. Suddenly, the audience found itself in another world. Modern, urban, a cool minimalist chill-out sound came from the speakers. Then the sound of hair clippers filled the hall, embedded into a specially produced song. Beautiful impressions of contemporary metropolises, new technologies, modern men and women with attractive hair styles appeared on the big show wall. The dancers also flipped the switch and performed a contemporary dance that somehow captivated the audience.

This moment could have lasted forever, but according to the script, it was simply supposed to set the stage for the modern part of the MOSER Artistic Team. Enes Dogan, Chris Mattick and Daniel Gallego entered the stage and presented innovative haircuts that were created solely with MOSER appliances.

In my salon, I want to sell individuality – what good would it do to convince my customers to try the latest trends even if they know they would not end up being happy?” said Enes Dogan on the stage, and the audience gave him approving applause. To him, individuality and the personality of his customers count.

Lead educator Chris Mattick encouraged the audience to try something new:
Hairdressers are pretty stuck in their routine, so even a small change like switching from scissors to clippers can inspire a completely new kind of creativity. In addition, it is possible to provide customers with a new experience when working with clippers instead of scissors.
After switching the models and the ensuing styling, a joint appearance on the catwalk with all actors and models of the Decades show followed.
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chris mattick moser wahl artistic team.jpg
Chris Mattick
enes dogan moser artistitc team.jpg
Enes Dogan
Fresh Prince the Barber
Daniel Gallego
joth davies.jpg
Joth Davies
Gio the new kid
cem van kay.jpg
Cem van Kay
seda jane.jpg
Seda Yüksel
ceren kaya.jpg
Ceren Kaya
marc bremer.jpg
Marc Bremer
Foto / Video
alix meier waetjen moser.jpg
Alix Meier-Wätjen
Model Coaching & Koordination
Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen
Artistic Director & Choreographer