Boxer Crop by MOSER

Moser goes Urban - a new trend for men in 2019 - Boxer Crop

One of the trends for men next year will by a hairstyle that originally represented a particularly masculine look: the Boxer Crop. Now, a modern interpretation of it is being presented by international trendsetters as the "style of the hour".

Men who care about how they look love the new urban version of this classic. The categorisation of classic, masculine styles takes a back seat. Confident, modern men are counting on creative components and details that underscore their individual style.
As part of its new ‹Creative Clipper Cuts› seminar series, Moser presents the Boxer Crop as part of the new "Moser goes Urban" trend collection. A striking feature of the distinctive haircut is the lower area, where the hair is kept very short. In the neck area and on the sides, the hair is nearly completely shaved similar to a modern fade.

Accuracy is key, because the cut's proper effect relies on precise contours and clean transitions. A Moser GenioPro was used for shortening, trimming and shaping; it is a hair clipper of the latest generation that won the Red Dot Award in 2018.

The T-Cut was used for the excellent contours of the Boxer Crop. With its extra-wide T-Blade , it makes all the difference when it comes to precision. However, it is the top hair that is the focal point of this new look for men. Shorter at the back of the head, it gets longer toward the front of the head and concludes with a much-shortened crop at the forehead. Particularly striking is the perfect texture of the hair on the top of the head. An innovative tool was used here, too: The All-in-One Blade from Moser, which provides the hair with perfect structure and texture thanks to its different cutting effects. It can be attached to all of Moser's current cordless clippers, including the GenioPro. The Moser Mobile Shaver was used for the finish and the clean-shaven parts of the skin.
enes dogan moser artistitc team.jpg
Hair: Enes Dogan
Instagram: @enesdogan_de
Web: Schee
vaios robos moser artistic team .jpg
Hair: Vaios Robos
Instagram: @vaiosrobos
Web: Flying Scissor
chris mattick moser wahl artistic team.jpg
Hair: Chris Mattick
Instagram: @chrismattickhair
Web: Chris Mattick
seda jane.jpg
MUA: Seda Yüksel
Instagram: @sedajanemakeupartist

cem van kay.jpg
Stylist: Cem Van Key
Instagram: @cemvankay
imanuel bosch.jpg
Model: Imanuel Bosch
Instagram: @imanuelbosch