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Attitude & Elegance by MOSER - Step-by-Step

About the Attitude & Elegance
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Capturing hearts not only in fashion and accessories, but now taking over the hairdressing scene as well – the trendy rose gold colour. Whether it’s colour, styling, or tools – the delicate metallic tone has become indispensable among top stylists. Together with the French star hairdresser, Anthony Galifot, Wahl has created a step-by-step collection that seizes on the trendy colour in combination with haircut and styling, and interprets it to perfection. The contrast between masculine undercut and gentle rose hue creates a fascinating overall effect that exudes attitude and elegance. Anthony Galifot lets his cumulative experience as an international session stylist, blogger, columnist for French journals, and as a Wahl educator and stage artist flow into the new Trend collection, and demonstrates a unique interaction of the trendy rose gold colour, with all its facets.
The tool: The new Moser Rosé Gold Edition, consisting of the Li+Pro hair clipper, the Li+Pro Mini contour trimmers, the CeraCurl curling tong and matching CeraLine straightener, and the professional Protect hairdryer. The high-quality tools are distinguished not only by the unique design, but also their excellent performance.

• Hair: Anthony Galifot
• Photo: Stephan Deneuvelaere

Li+Pro Rose Gold
Li+Pro Mini Rose Gold
Protect Rose Gold

1. Start by trimming evenly above the ear.
2. Use the Li+Pro Mini contour trimmers to work clearly and precisely in the area around the ears.
3. Working from the neck towards the back of the head, trim evenly using the Li+Pro and 6 mm attachment.
4. Use the Li+Pro Mini to define the contours around the neck.
5. All-in-One Blade to the Li+Pro and blend the transition.
6. Cut diagonally from the top of the head to the point at the back of the head, decreasing in length.
7. Incorporate a soft texture into the front area using the contour trimmers.
8. Soften out the tips of the fringe with the Li+Pro clipper as well.
9. Use the professional Protect hairdryer  to style the long hair on top of the head
10. Finish styling with the CeraLine straightener.
Attitude & Elegance