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Textured Undercut - Trendlook 2019

About the Textured Undercut
Textured Undercut tools
Handsome and cool – the ‘textured undercut’ is well and truly in vogue. The striking hairstyle makes its mark through exceptional vigour and undone styling. Newly created by MOSER, the look is part of the Modern Man 2019 trend line. Anything but mundane – and just the job for anyone wishing to make a fashion statement. Yet like any undone-effect hairstyle, this one too calls for a professional haircut: definitively contoured sides make a neat impression, while perfect structure and texture bring the longer top hair into line with the style as a whole.

• Hair: Chris Mattick Moser Artistic Team Germany
• Photo: MOSER / Pierre Heinemann


Textured Undercut Step 1
1.Section off the hair on top from the sides and neck in horseshoe form and part front sections at the high point at ear level.
Textured Undercut Step 2
2. Shorten the sides to around 1 cm in sections running diagonally to the back using the Chrom2Style and the clipper-over-comb technique.
Textured Undercut Step 3
3. With the Chrom2Style over the comb and following the shape of the head to mid-ear, connect the back of the head with the guiding lines on the sides using the point cut technique.
Textured Undercut Step 4
4. Neatly define the contours around the ears with the T-Cut.
Textured Undercut Step 5
5. Elevate the entire back section over the highest point. Shorten to a horizontal line using the Chrome2Style, All-in-One Blade and peel cut technique.
Textured Undercut Step 6
6. Pull the entire top section down over the sides. Comb until tidy! Create a
diagonal line to the front at the desired length from ear height by point cutting using Chrom2Style-over-finger. Repeat on the other side.
Textured Undercut Step 7
7. Pull over the entire top section on a guide line from the back of the head. Connect to the back using the All-in-One Blade and peel cut technique. After blow drying the hair into shape using a brush, give the hairstyle the desired texture using the All-in-One Blade.
Moser CeraLine
8. Create individual texture highlights during styling with the CeraLine straightener.
Textured Undercut
Textured Undercut step-by-step von MOSER
Textured Undercut step-by-step von MOSER
Textured Undercut step-by-step von MOSER
Textured Undercut step-by-step von MOSER
Textured Undercut step-by-step von MOSER