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It is one of the timelessly stylish masculine haircuts of all time: The Sidepart! This hairstyle is so popular because it is extremely versatile and can be worn in any kind of way one sees fit - whether sporty, as a laid-back look or a more sober, professional style. And not only that, but it is also very easy to take care of, which is another reason why men love the cut so much. The Sidepart can be worn either casually or conservatively – however you like. The basis of a perfect Sidepart is an excellently fashioned haircut, which is what lends this style its elegant character. MOSER is now presenting the Sidepart as part of its new 1400 Cordless Collection. In this series, everything revolves around the use of the 1400 CORDLESS hair clipper, the new cordless version of MOSER’s popular classic 1400 appliance. Hairdressers receive a corresponding step-by-step guide enabling them to easily create the Sidepart in their salons. Selecting the right tool is key. The 1400 CORDLESS combines innovative hairdressing technology and top precision. Stylists love its agile handling. The clear contours and outstanding details of the Sidepart were created using the professional CHROMINI PRO2 ultra-close trimmer.   

Collection: MOSER 1400 Cordless Collection
Hair: Fernando Aguiar @h_werk_villingen
Photos: MOSER

• MOSER 1430 

1. Dampen the hair and section off a side parting that matches the shape of the customer’s head. Trim the hair at the back of the head and in the neck and side areas up to the hat line using the MOSER 1400 CORDLESS and the 6 mm attachment comb.  
2. Now, switch to the 3 mm attachment comb and create a soft transition to the hat line. 
3. Use an open blade set to create the facon at the neck area.
4. Create all contours at the side, ear and neck areas using the MOSER CHROMINI PRO2. Make sure that the lines are clear and precise.
5. Connect the hat line to the top of the head using the MOSER 1400 CORDLESS and the appliance-over-comb technique. Make sure that the hair is cut in a box shape.
6. Trim the top hair to the desired length and slice the tips (scissors). Tip: structure the hair at the top of the head with the blade. 
7. Finally, dry and shape the hair using the MOSER VENTUS PRO. Define the Sidepart using the brush.