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ROOTS Collection 2021 celebrates 75 years of MOSER

Look 4: Shiny Pompadour by MOSER

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The pompadour is a continuously evolving look that will never go out of fashion. It was originally popular in the 50s and 60s amongst rock’n’roll stars like Elvis Presley, but is now enjoying a revival with modern men increasingly sporting this look once again. This men’s haircut featuring short sides and long top hair can be worn at various lengths. However, the classic “slicked-back” style is still especially popular amongst men these days, particularly when paired up with pomade to lend the hair a glorious shine. Consequently, the MOSER Artistic Team decided that this style definitely had to be included in the current “ROOTS” collection. Chris Mattick, lead educator of the MOSER Artistic Team, interpreted the look in a modern, stylish form while also providing the opportunity for it to be worn more casually. He used the latest MOSER appliance to create the haircut: KUNO, the innovative powerhouse which provides super-precise cuts. With the new, cool PREMIUM MAGNET ATTACHMENT COMBS and both blade sets included in the scope of delivery, he was able to create the perfect basis for transitions in the side areas and beard in the blink of an eye. In addition, the CHROMINI PRO 2 with a new, ultra-close U-BLADE was also used, along with the MOBILE SHAVER and the VENTUS PRO hairdryer.

“The KUNO is in a league of its own. Its precision and performance are simply excellent. This appliance is an irrepressible powerhouse, fits perfectly in the hand and is so easy to use!” Chris Mattick, lead educator of the MOSER Artistic Team

• Hair: Chris Mattick, Lead Educator MOSER Artistic Team @chrismattickhair
• Photos: MOSER / Maximilian Kamps @maximiliankamps
• Styling: CEM Van Kay alias Cemre Xhaferi @cemvankay
• Make-up: Seda Yüksel @sedajanemakeupartist
• Collection: MOSER Roots 75 Years

• MOSER VENTUS PRO Haartrockner

Shiny Pompadour step1
1. Create a horseshoe-shaped section on the top of the head and then separate the hair at the front of the head from the back of the head at ear height.
Shiny Pompadour step2
2. Using the KUNO and BLENDING BLADE and the over-comb technique, create cutting lines running diagonally backwards (approx. 1 cm length).
Shiny Pompadour step3
3. In an intermediate step, blow-dry the top hair upwards using the MOSER VENTUS PRO.
Shiny Pompadour step4
4. Open the standard MAGIC BLADE blade set. Blend the back of the head with the sides and neck using the appliance-over-finger technique.
Shiny Pompadour step5
5. Using the BLENDING BLADE and the point cut technique, create gradually increasing layers towards the front. Next, use the open blade set to blend the top of the head with the sides.
Shiny Pompadour step6
6. Define contours using the CHROMINI PRO 2.
Shiny Pompadour step7.1
7. Fade the temple area using the KUNO and the MAGNETIC PREMIUM ATTACHMENT COMBS. To finish, style with gloss pomade and apply hairspray for hold if required.
Shiny Pompadour step8
8. Define the beard contours in the ear areas with the KUNO and the open standard MAGIC BLADE blade set. After this, close the blade set and work towards the direction of the chin using the MAGNETIC PREMIUM ATTACHMENT COMBS (1.5 mm and 3 mm).
9. Clearly define all contours using the CHROMINI PRO 2.
10. Clean up the neck area and remove any remaining protruding hair using the MOBILE SHAVER.