Modern Man head

ROOTS Collection 2021 celebrates 75 years of MOSER

Look 1: Modern Man

Modern Man tools
Masculine, casual and unique – the Modern man look from the ‘ROOTS’ anniversary collection by MOSER. A cool, dapper haircut is more important than ever for today’s men. In addition to modern trends, they seek individuality and their own personal style. Accents and boldly visible textures lend greater individuality to the look. Yet one thing is common to all the styles: The fact that men like their hairstyles to be uncomplicated and above all flexible. Those able to skilfully create that mix are certain to be amongst the trendsetters of 2021. Chris Mattick, lead educator of the MOSER Artistic Team, developed this special haircut and created it exclusively using hair clippers. “Cutting the hair with a MOSER NEO combined with a TEXTURIZING Blade was for me the best way to achieve a perfect result,” explained Chris Mattick. A NEOLINER trimmer was used to create the precise contours.

• Photo: MOSER / Maximilian Kamps 
• Styling: CEM Van Kay alias Cemre Xhaferi 
• Make-up: Seda Yüksel 
• Collection: MOSER Roots 75 Years
• Model: Fabio 

Modern Man step4
1. Part an elongated triangle on the top of the head from the crown to the forehead.
Modern Man step5
2. Shorten the sections running diagonally backwards using the MOSER NEO and over-comb technique to reduce the silhouette of the head.
Modern Man step6
3. Elevate and draw the side hair at the top of the head (not the triangle) sideways in box shape and shorten using the point cutting technique.
Modern Man step7
4. Following the natural fall, uniformly shorten the sides and neck using the MOSER NEO and 12, 9 and 6 mm attachment combs.
Modern Man step1
5. Elevate and draw the hair in the parted triangle towards the front and soften out with the TEXTURIZING blade.
Modern Man step2
6. Gently blend the temple and neck using a 6 or 9 mm attachment comb.
Modern Man step3
7. Create a contour with the NEOLINER and tidy up with the MOSER MOBILE SHAVER
Modern Man step-by-step by MOSER
Modern Man step-by-step by MOSER
Modern Man step-by-step by MOSER
Modern Man step-by-step by MOSER
Modern Man step-by-step by MOSER
Modern Man step-by-step by MOSER
Modern Man step-by-step by MOSER