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Modern Gentlemen Style - Step-by-Step

About the Modern Gentlemen Style
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Modern gentleman style & pure elegance with the Moser ChromStyle Pro
Elegant. Minimalistic. Modern. Nevertheless, the classic elements are still essential in creating the perfect gentleman's look. In cooperation with French hairdresser Raphael Perrier, Wahl has created a modern interpretation of the classic gentleman's style that exudes class. The tool: Machines from the innovative ChromeStyle Pro series from Moser, consisting of the top-quality ChromStyle Pro hair clipper and the ChroMini Pro trimmer. The top-quality hair clippers are more powerful and precise than ever. Equipped with the Magic Blade professional blade set, ChromStyle Pro provides a perfect cutting performance every time. Thanks to the integrated cutting length adjustment (0.7 mm to 3 mm), precision cuts and softly defined transitions can be created with ease. Among international stylists, the appliances of the Chromstyle series, which have been tried in tested in salons, are seen as must-have products. Due to their reduced weight and perfect ergonomics, the machines are very easy to work with in the salon

• Created by Raphael Perrier

ChromStyle Pro 
ChroMini Pro 
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1. To start with, set aside a large area of hair at the sides and evenly cut the sides with the attachment comb and ChromStyle pro horizontally.
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2. In the ear area, create an exact contour consistent with the natural hairline. For detail work, use the ChroMini Pro. Pay particular attention to precision, because perfect contours further distinguish the stylish look. Repeat on the other side of the head.
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3. With the attachment comb and ChromStyle Pro, cut the hair in the neck area to an even, natural length (not too short). Set the blade set to a larger cutting length for transitions from the skin to the hair in the lower neck area.
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4. Use the ChroMini Pro trimmer for precise cutting lines and detail work around the neck.
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5. Leave the sections at the upper area of the back of the head around 2-3 cm long and leave the hair longer above. Gradually cut the entire middle and upper section of the back of the head at a 90° angle. This provides the ideal shape for a masculine effect.
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6. Cut all areas on the top of the head evenly and at a 180° angle (horizontal) and trim the tips evenly.
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7. For this step, the All-in-One-Blade blade set is used. Set the cutting length adjustment to position I and further texture the hair length on the top of the head for a natural texture.
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8. When drying the hair on the top of the head, gently style it upward and, if required, add definition with finishing products.
Modern Gentlemen Style