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Men HairCut by MOSER - Step-by-Step

About the Men HairCut
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Men HairCut Trend Collection 2018
A smart haircut as a counterpoint to an informal outfit – masculine and casual, yet stylish – those who can skilfully pull off this combination will be amongst the trendsetters of 2018. With this in mind, Wahl has teamed up with the internationally renowned stylist Anthony Galifot to present a new male trend collection. He demonstrates how important precise details and the correct tools are for cutting men's hair. "Cutting hair with the new Chrom2Style was a completely new experience for me", explained Galifot. "I was impressed by the appliance's exceptional lightness and dynamics, as well as the super-precise details it allows me to create while I'm cutting hair. This is a revolutionary new step in hairdressing technology", he added.

• Hair: Anthony Galifot
• Photo: Stephan Deneuvelaere

ChroMini Pro
Mobile Shaver
1. Texture the entire head of hair, especially at temples and sides, with Chrom2Style and the All-in-One Blade.
2. Define contours with the ChroMini Pro contour trimmer.
3. Working from the neck towards the back of the head, trim evenly using the Chrom2Style and the 6 mm attachment.
4. Blend the transitions at either side with the All-in-One Blade.
5. Then define a style transition in the neck area.
6. With the Moser Mobile Shaver, define the areas of bare skin at the neck cleanly.
7. Across the whole back of the head area, shorten uniformly and create a soft texture.
8. Cut hair on the top and front of the head to a uniform length, then soften up the tips.
9. All beard, eyebrow and hair contours in the facial area can then be defined cleanly using the Mobile Shaver .
Men HairCut
Men HairCut by MOSER
Men HairCut by MOSER