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Disinfectable blade set for better protection from infection in salons

Protecting salons against Covid-19 includes even the most minute details. For example, the thorough cleaning and disinfection of hair clipper blades has now become part of a salon’s daily hygiene routine following each customer.
It is therefore important that the blade sets can be properly disinfected. That is why MOSER is offering a series of professional blades made with high-quality materials that meet these new requirements and can be disinfected easily. Like the DIAMOND BLADE, which not only convinces with its extremely precise cutting performance and durability, but also makes it much easier for salons to comply with hygiene regulations. For example, the carbon-coated stainless steel blade set can be removed easily without screws and then rinsed off under running water. In addition, it is corrosion resistant and disinfectable! That gives hairdressers the tools to comply with disinfection requirements in their salons.

A pro tip for everybody who is looking to buy new hair clippers:

The LI+PRO2 high-performance clip-per features the DIAMOND BLADE as standard while it is an extra for many other MOSER appliances. In addition to its high performance and its premium quality, it also has many innovative features. The professional tool wows its owners with its metal-lic look and an impressive battery life as well as a quick-charge function and optional mains oper-ation. That makes it your reliable companion in a salon – even at times of above-average use. By the way, the ergonomic and powerful CHROM2STYLE from MOSER also comes with a DIAMOND BLADE as standard.

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