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About the Longhair Man
Longhair Man tool
Created in collaboration with experienced men’s stylist Marina Ulrich, the new MOSER Longhair Men Collection demonstrates how this look can be made to look both sleek and urban at the same time. The team has developed a corresponding step-by-step guide enabling stylists to easily create the haircut in their salons. The entire cut was created with the MOSER NEO. The texture blade set was used to create the correct hair structure, and adds the perfect texture to the hair lengths. Marina Ulrich used the NEOLINER to create precise contours around the ear and neck areas. Salons are increasingly using hair straighteners to help style men’s hair. This is also the case for this current longhair look, for which soft waves are worked into the hair using the MOSER CERALINE.

• Hair: Marina Ulrich
• Photo: MOSER 

Longhair Man step1
1. From temple to temple, create a horseshoe-shaped section at the top of the head.
Longhair Man step2
2. On the lower ends, use the MOSER NEO to define a rear convex guiding line and a frontal concave one.
Longhair Man step3
3. Find the highest point at the top of the head and vertically connect the hair lengths to the guiding line. Use star-shaped sections.
Longhair Man step4
4. Briefly blow-dry the hair.
Longhair Man step5
5. Attach the All-in-One Blade to the MOSER NEO.
Longhair Man step6
6. Work texture into the hair lengths using the texture styling blade.
Longhair Man step7
7. Using the MOSER NEOLINER, clearly define the contours and remove the remaining neck hair. Create clean contours in the temple areas as well.
Longhair Man step8
8. Adapt the beard contours to the haircut. Using the All-in-One Blade, work from top to bottom in order to achieve a soft transition. This technique is particularly well-suited for light beard growths, as it makes the beard appear fuller and thicker.
Longhair Man step9
9. Work natural waves into the hair using the MOSER CERALINE.
Longhair Man
Longhair Man Look step-by-step von MOSER
Longhair Man Look step-by-step von MOSER
Longhair Man Look step-by-step von MOSER
Longhair Man Look step-by-step von MOSER