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ROOTS Collection 2021 celebrates 75 years of MOSER

Long Pompadour by MOSER

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Considered a rebellious style in days gone by, it was also the look of choice for stars like Elvis and James Dean: the pompadour. Hardly any other men’s hairstyle has been as timelessly fashionable as this one. As a result, the pompadour is just as likely to be sported by fashion-conscious men these days as by creative types or hipsters. And that’s no surprise, since the style simply looks great. MOSER is presenting the pompadour as part of its current “ROOTS” collection in collaboration with Enes Dogan of the MOSER Artistic Team. He decided on a longer version of the style, whereby not just the top hair but also the sides and lower area are styled to be slightly longer than they would be for a classic pompadour. As a counterpoint, he applied a shorter, faded section from the front temple line to the ear to create a modern effect. Overall, the extremely strong hair was softly cut, while the sides were left a little longer. Both the top and the back of the head

are softly styled and offer a sense of lightness. The cut allows the hair to be effortlessly manipulated when styling and requires practically no styling products for the overall effect. Mains-operated appliances featuring a powerful motor, such as the 1400 from MOSER, are perfectly suited for this hairstyle. The result is an elegant-looking Long Pompadour style that stands out from the crowd. As an homage to the MOSER tradition, Enes Dogan decided on an absolute classic from the MOSER product range to create the Long Pompadour: the globally popular MOSER 1400. The MOSER 1400 MINI provided clear contours and top-class details.

• Hair: Enes Dogan, MOSER Artistic Team @enesdogan_de
• Photos: MOSER / Maximilian Kamps @maximiliankamps
• Styling: CEM Van Kay alias Cemre Xhaferi @cemvankay
• Make-up: Seda Yüksel @sedajanemakeupartist
• Collection: MOSER Roots 75 Years
• Model: Cisar

• MOSER 1400
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1. From temple to temple, create a square-shaped section at the top of the head. Section off the fringe area as a large triangle so that one large and two small triangular sections are created.
Long Pmpadour   step2.jpg
2. Using the MOSER 1400 and the appliance-over-finger technique, the sides are cut in sections running diagonally backwards to the middle of the back of the head. Both sides must meet in the middle and then gently overlap in order to create a layering effect.
Long Pmpadour   step3.jpg
3. Clean up and finish off all contours using the MOSER 1400 MINI.
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4. Open up both triangular sections at the top of the head and draw them along the aforementioned diagonal guiding line. After this, open up the large triangle section at the front of the top of the head. Pull it up at a 90-degree angle and then cut a dynamic guiding line using the MOSER 1400 and the point-cut technique. Slightly pull the fringe above the last guiding line by a small distance in order to add a little bit of length.
Long Pmpadour   step5.jpg
5. Even out the beard using the MOSER 1400.
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6. Blow-dry the entire head of hair and apply further finishing to the fade nuances at the sides using the MOSER 1400.