Long bowl cut head

Long Bowl Cut by MOSER

About the Long Bowl Cut:

Long bowl cut tool
The fashion trend scouts predicted it: The Bowl Cut is experiencing a huge revival in 2021 – and in a variety of different lengths. Vidal Sassoon revolutionised what had previously been known as the “mop top” with his own legendarily stylish versions of it. Celebrities such as Rihanna and Charlize Theron have been spotted sporting this style, and Instagram influencers are also rediscovering the look. In the meantime, a community has been formed under the hashtag #bowlcut with the purpose of celebrating this retro look. So it was only logical that MOSER would add this style to its “Roots” collection and reinterpret it with help from the MOSER Artistic Team’s hair & make-up artist Enes Dogan. He decided on a longer version of the style. The haircut’s distinguishing feature is its uniformly round shape. The front part is also combed forward, while the look can only be pulled off with intensively applied texture in the top hair sections. Otherwise, the hair will hang too heavily and have an old-school effect. In order for the cut to be successful, the hair must not be too thin, nor must it be curly or wavy. Enes Dogan created the entire cut with the LI+PRO2 and LI+PRO2 MINI as well as the TEXTURIZING blade.


• Hair: Enes Dogan, MOSER Artistic Team
• Photos: MOSER / Maximilian Kamps @
• CEM Van Kay alias Cemre Xhaferi
• Make-up: Seda Yüksel



Long bowl cut  step1
1. Using the CERALINE, smooth the hair from the highest point to create a natural fall.
Long bowl cut  step2
2. Create a small, triangular section on the top of the head to achieve a “disconnected” element.
Long bowl cut  step3
3. Using the LI+PRO2 and the appliance-over-finger technique, cut the entire hair one section at a time without a lifting angle in sections running diagonally backwards.
Long bowl cut  step4
4. Shape the brow (fringe section) with the LI+PRO2 MINI and blend it with the side lengths.
Long bowl cut  step5
5. If necessary, even out the outer contour line with the LI+PRO2 MINI.
Long bowl cut  step6
6. To finish, the last section is structured with the TEXTURIZING blade.
Long bowl cut  step7
7. Style into shape using the VENTUS hairdryer.

Long Bowl Cut by MOSER
Long Bowl Cut by MOSER
Long Bowl Cut by MOSER
Long Bowl Cut by MOSER
Long Bowl Cut by MOSER
Long Bowl Cut by MOSER
Long Bowl Cut by MOSER
Long Bowl Cut by MOSER