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Haircut Men by MOSER - Step-by-Step

About the Haircut Men
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Create styles. Classic barbering cuts and modernity are flawlessly combined when using the MOSER T-CUT. Thanks to its extra-wide 40 mm T-blade, the high-quality trimmer is especially well suited to provide ultra-precise haircuts and perfectly trimmed beard, neck and ear sections. Exact details, such as lining artwork or parting lines (which are distinctive for barbering) can be easily created with the newT-CUT. The sensational cutting performance of the professional trimmer and its extremely close cutting are due to innovative technology, which is distinguished by a highperformance motor in combination with the precision-ground, stainless steel Star Blade set. Thanks to the convenient quick change system,the blade set can be very quicklyand easilyreplaced.

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1. Evenly cut all of the hair in the neck area and at the back of the head with the T-CUT.
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2. Cut the side areas with the comb and T-CUT and ensure that they are even; this will provide a particularly well-rounded cut.
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3. Trim the contours and transitions on the areas at the front of the face with particular precision, paying attention to gentle and perfectly formed transitions.
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4. Thanks to the special T blade set, the contours in the neck and ear areas can be trimmed with extreme precision.
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5. Change the hair clipper and evenly cut all the hair on the top of the head with the  ChromStyle Pro.
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Professional tip: With the T-CUT, the beard can also be optimally contoured.