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About the Disconnected Crop

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Strikingly edgy and creative – that is how the Disconnected Crop, MOSER’s latest trendy look, can best be described. It is a haircut that combines all styling elements popular with modern men: A mix of masculine fades in the neck and side areas meets wildly styled top hair featuring perfect texture and creative accents at the front of the head. But only a professional haircut can really highlight this look because it is all about precision. Clearly defined contours, intensive top hair texturing and perfect transitions provide the hairstyle with its urban and well-groomed look; even when styling it at home later on. It is well known that men value uncomplicated handling at home that allows them to quickly and easily create their style.


• Hair: Chris Mattick
• Photo: Pierre Heinemann
• Model: Walter Teuben


• MOSER Genio Pro Fading Edition
• MOSER Genio Pro
• MOSER Mobile Shaver

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1. Create asymmetric cross sections in two parts at the top of the head. Using the clipperabove-comb technique and the GenioPro Fading Edition, create a subtle transition toward the top of the head at the level of the hat line. It’s important to ensure a masculine shape (box shape).
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2. Refine using the 6 and 3 mm attachment combs. Upon request, the fade can be extended down to the skin.
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3. Then precisely define the contours using a T-Cut.
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4. Work the neck area with precision using the MobileShaver.
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5. Flatly comb the hair to the forehead with little tension and shorten the hair using a GenioPro so that it forms a straight line.
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6. Using the GenioPro Fading Edition and the over-comb technique, shorten the area at the back of the head and connect it to the hat line using the tapering technique. Always pay attention to maintaining a masculine shape (Box shape).
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7. Using uniform layering and the point cut technique, connect the right side to the previously cut fringe.
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8. Using gradually increasing layers with an apparent overlength, connect the left side to the previously cut fringe.
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9. Then, using the freehand technique, texture all disconnections with the TEXTURIZING Blade.
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10. Blow dry and, if necessary, style the fringe using a CeraStyle Mini.

Disconnected Crop