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Classic Gentleman by MOSER

Step-by-step for the Classic Gentleman

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MOSER Oriental Inspired Men Collection 2022

The Undercut is, quite simply, a classic amongst men and different, trendy versions of it are emerging all the time. Its defining features are long top hair and extremely short, partially faded cuts at the sides and lower head area. Therefore, the Undercut is the epitome of modern male styles and is still extremely popular owing to the diverse styling possibilities it offers: Whether as an elegant version with the top hair combed back smoothly, with a side parting or a laid-back look – it can be worn to suit any occasion and is very easy to rework at home.

MOSER is presenting the Undercut as part of its current “ROOTS” collection in collaboration with Chris Mattick of the MOSER Artistic Team. He decided on a modern version of the style featuring textured top hair. To create the haircut, he worked with the most innovative appliances from the MOSER product range: the new MOSER KUNO with the BLENDING and TEXTURIZING BLADE as well as the innovative magnetic attachment combs.

The MOSER CHROMINI PRO 2 provided clear contours and top-class transitions, while the MOBILE SHAVER lent a clean skin texture to the trimmed sections. Both the MOSER VENTUS PRO and the CERALINE straightener were used for the styling process.

• Hair: Enes Dogan, MOSER Artistic Team @enesdogan_de
• Photos: MOSER / Maximilian Kamps @maximiliankamps
• Model: Serkan @serkan.unoffiziel
• Collection: MOSER Oriental Inspired Men Collection 2022


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1. Create a horseshoe-shaped section in the hair.
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2. Using the CHROM2STYLE and the appliance-over-finger technique, the sides are cut in sections running diagonally backwards from front to back to the middle of the back of the head (both sides must meet in the middle and gently overlap) in order to create a layering effect.
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3. Using the CHROM2STYLE and 9 mm attachment comb, work a transition into the neck area.
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4. Using the appliance-over-comb technique, work a soft transition into the neck and side areas.
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5. Clean up and finish off all contours using the CHROMINIPRO2.
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6. Blow-dry the hair. Pull up the top hair at a 90-degree angle and cut a dynamic guiding line using the over-comb technique. Slightly pull the fringe above the last guiding line (in order to add a little bit of length to the front).
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7. Blow-dry the hair with the VENTUS PRO and style with a texturizing serum suitable for the hair’s structure.
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8. Pull up the hair in sections and straighten it using the CERALINE straightener. Style with volumising powder and hairspray.