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Business Cut by MOSER

About the Business Cut:

Men have never been more fashion-conscious. Whether on the job or in their free time – their hairstyle also has to be more flexible than ever before. The business cut, which was once considered a rather boring and conservative look, is experiencing a revival. Inspired by the urban male lifestyle, MOSER, together with the experienced men's stylist Mariana Ulrich, is presenting this classic as modern business cut. The top hair is longer and perfectly textured if, depending on the situation, it either has to be styled backwards for an elegant look at work, or with more movement in the hair as a style with more attitude at home for a cool look after hours. But the elegant component of the business cut was supposed to be preserved. It is created through precise contours and hairlines in the neck and on the sides. Precision is the magic word. That made Marina Ulrich's choice for the perfect tool for this demanding haircut very simple: the innovative CHROM2STYLE Blending Edition from Moser. This high-performance hair clipper not only offers an amazing and fun cutting sensation, but also guarantees extremely precise cutting results and perfectly blended transitions. The MOSER T-CUT provides the exact details. With its extra-wide T-Blade, it allows clean contours and a well-groomed appearance.


• Hair: Marina Ulrich
• Photos: MOSER
• Model: Manuel Geitner 


• MOSER Chrom2Style Blending edition
• MOSER Blending Blade

Business Cut Step1.png
1. Part a guiding line in a U-shape on the top of the head.
Business Cut Step2.jpg
2. Evenly cut along the guiding line of the hair using the over-comb technique and the CHROM2STYLE Blending Edition.
Business Cut Step3.jpg
3. Using the magnetic attachment comb (4.5 mm), cut the hair around the neck area towards the back of the head.
Business Cut Step4.jpg
4. Precisely define the contours around the ear/neck area with the T-CUT.
Business Cut Step5.jpg
5. Remove the magnetic attachment comb and set the Blending Blade to 2.0 mm.
Business Cut Step6.jpg
6. Using the CHROM2STYLE Blending Edition and an open blade set (2.0 mm), cut approximately 2-3 cm of the hair in an even, U-shaped line running around the head, starting from the roots and going towards the top of the head (temple height).
Business Cut Step7a.jpg
7. Blend the transition of this line with an open/closed blade set and apply a clean finish to it.

Business Cut Step8.jpg
8. Determine the guide length at the top of the head and even it out horizontally, one section at a time, using the point cut technique.
Business Cut Step9.jpg
9. Apply a clean finish to the beard contours using the Moser T-CUT.